With such a wide range of activities and beautiful sights on offer, you won't be disappointed with a visit to this region.  Diving, whale watching, waterfall hikes, skydiving, pristine surf beaches and calm "Tahiti Blue" rivers to swim or fish in, the kids will have no excuse to be bored. Your biggest problem will be inventing excuses to tell your boss why you won't be returning to work so you can enjoy it all.

Bangalow Market

The area abounds with a wide variety of markets, so whichever weekend you choose to be in "The Shire", there will be a market (or two), to enjoy.

Live music, shopping, great foods, produce, handcrafts, locally designed clothes and more....

Our Farmers Markets are well worth a visit for the wide range of organic produce and delicious food available and for the colourful flair of the locals.



There is a marvellous campground at the base of Mt Warning with the extremely popular Mavis's Kitchen just a short stroll away. A challenging climb to the top offers superb views of the coastline and the caldera surrounding it. There are crystal clear streams and glow-worms to entertain those who prefer a more laid-back experience in the rainforest.



Wander through the stunning Shambhala Gardens and rainforest gardens of the Crystal Castle.
Find (or lose) yourself in an ancient labyrinth.
Touch the World Peace Stupa, a project blessed by the Dalai Lama.
Enjoy one of the many activities on offer or just soak up the serenity while you are surrounded with some of the largest crystals on earth!


One of the major highlights on offer in the region is a visit to the Byron Bay Lighthouse.  It is perched on the easternmost point of Australia and provides panoramic views up and down the coastline with frequent sightings of sharks, manta rays, turtles and whales (in season) from its lofty heights. There are walking tracks to the summit from both sides or paid parking at the top. Give it a go, you won't be disappointed!