It all began around a backyard campfire with a couple of bottles of red and some good-natured ribbing about how I am not so tolerant of "roughing it" when I camp.

I said wouldn't it be great to be able to camp in comfort with none of the dramas of packing, set-up and pack-down at the end of a blissful few days.

So here we are...

An affordable way for you to do just that!

I love that I still get to "Glamp" frequently and enjoy the looks on everyone's faces when they see inside their tents for the first time.


A unique getaway can be yours with a minimum of fuss and effort on your part. Powered up in a beachside campground full of amenities or getting back to nature in one of our beautiful National Parks, Glamping can be a great way to surprise a loved one, throw a festival for yourself or take the family for an adventure.

We look forward to Glamping you up!