Glamp-Oz Luxury Camping
Glamp-Oz Luxury Camping

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Byron Bay Luxury CampingIMG_9808

Local Camping Grounds
Local Camping Grounds

Glamp-Oz Luxury Camping
Glamp-Oz Luxury Camping







Whether you need a spare room for visitors, you want your in-laws to be outside-laws, or you have a party or festival event, we bring our glamping expertise to you!

Have you ever spent hours in the car with 3 kids only to arrive at your weekend destination in the rain, setting up your camp while getting colder and more miserable by the second while the hungry tired children are crying and bickering?

Do you almost need a divorce lawyer every time you set up a tent with your significant other?

Do you hold the mallet in your hand with dark thoughts coursing through your “I’m already over it!” camp addled brain?







We will completely set-up your tent with comfortable beds, luxurious linen, colourful rugs, cushions, solar lights and a collection of our special handmade crates for storage or portable chairs and tables so you can pull up, pile out and ease into your bell tent sanctuary.

Your favourite campground or your backyard, the choice is yours.

And then, when your holiday is over, take that last swim and enjoy a lazy breakfast because some other mug (me) will be packing away the wet tent and dirty linen so you can just drive away with your happy holiday vibe intact.

Whether you want a practical, easy to maintain set-up or a fanciful escape, we can take you there with our themed decor.


 Enjoy a relaxed and festival vibe on your big day at the location of your choice. We service a large area between Coffs Harbour and the Sunshine Coast in several well known wedding venues. 

Glamp with your friends and family all in one convenient location. 

Brunswick Heads

 Whether you enjoy surf at the beach, kayaking in clear blue rivers or walks to waterfalls in our gorgeous hinterland, we have it covered!

An excellent array of local Markets to stroll around, plentiful cafes and iconic landmarks all within easy reach of Brunswick Heads and Byron Bay.